Matching Your Home to Your Carpets

Having a recently fitted carpet from us at Nuneaton means your home is certainly on its way to looking as sleek and stylish as you’ve always wanted it. See: Making your carpet last longer.

You can increase the life of your carpet by having them professionally cleaned on a regular basis. The latest advancements in technology use dri-powder and hot water extraction steam methods to produce the best results, and bringing your carpet back to life. Click here.

Here are a few of our top tips in finishing your house to make it the best it could be.

Update Your Windows

In a house that is currently going through improvements, don’t let your windows drag you down. Many people forget, or think windows aren’t as important as other features such as wall paper, but in a house where windows aren’t maintained it can just begin to look dirty.

Invest In Style

Rooflights are perfect for all flat roofs as they provide a coating of style, whilst also ensuring safety.

Stylish Uses for Roof Lights

Shapes, Patterns, Walkways & Access

EOS Rooflights supply rooflights with cutting-edge design with a motor integrated giving you freedom of opening & closing – and with prices from £1,699, you really are getting a great deal. Buy yours today!

Brighten Up Your Room

Nobody wants a room that doesn’t bring in natural light, or one that looks dingy and dull. There are simple ways of brightening up any room after a fresh carpet has been fitted.

How to Brighten Up a Dark Room with Paint

In a dimly lit room there will be more shadows, which mean any colour that is put into this room is subdued. It is common to add a brighter and more pigmented colour so you can experience a much more illuminated room.

The less black a colour contains means the outcome of the paint will be much brighter and lighter – try and opt for these colours. View our painting and property services. Click here.

Choosing the Right Furniture for You

When choosing bulky furniture, it can be hard to match it against the room design or even how the room is planned out. All furniture is an investment in your home to try and make it more comfortable and to really get your personality across.

For example, storage systems: choose a style and shape that you will continuously love and won’t regret buying. View current furniture editions. No matter what style you prefer, there always been updated versions available to match your home. Click here to see what carpets we have available today.

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