Choosing the Right Modern Rug

When looking for modern rugs you should choose those that highlight a certain aspect of the room, that set the mood, or distinguish that room from any others.

Rugs are great in almost any home, where their contemporary style is not too overbearing based on the current room design & style – and can help to add interest to an otherwise plain wood or carpeted floor.

The great news is that they come in wide range of interesting styles, shapes, colours and sizes.

You may decide that a totally new rug would look best in your room – or you may choose a retro modern rug, which are rugs which replicate styles from the 60s, 70s & 80s, but presented in a new modern format. Choose the right rug for your home.

Fitting Rugs Into Your Home’s interior style

The rug has become extremely valuable in home decorating, with its ability to instantly change the feeling and texture of any room. No matter what kind of space you have there is always a rug that will fit perfectly.

Luxury rugs can help bring warmth to your home in the winter, whilst staying cool in the summer. Large rugs can also help empty spaces feel more cosy, without feeling crowded.

Here are a few tips to fitting rigs into your home décor.

Remembering to take care of your carpet or rug is also important. Keeping it clean and fresh can be difficult at times as you might even live with animals. A lot of dirt can get in your carpet or rug and getting a professional to clean it on a regular basis will prevent accumulation. If you are interested in hiring a professional cleaning service, click here.

Complement Your Existing furniture

When you start decorating your home, think about how rugs could complement its existing design. For example, you might choose retro rugs to fit in with that 70s wallpaper, or if your style is more contemporary then there are plenty of modern rugs to choose from. There is no need to alter what you already have – just find a rug that you can work around the existing space, style & design.

If it is modern rugs you are looking for then the choices are almost endless. You can find rugs in single colours, or a contemporary pattern too add variety to a room. Modern rugs also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials to suit your current theme.

If you are interested in the history of interior design then vintage or retro rugs could be the natural choice. These will offer some of the most classic patterns and styles through the decades and can be the perfect accompaniment to a quirky décor. Failing that there is always the option of a beautiful Persian rug which will suit almost any home.

What If There Is No Theme?

If you are unsure of the theme of your room then you can choose a rug that matches one or more of the elements of the room (such as the furniture). For example, you could choose a rug according to colour, or to fit in with your antique collection.

Luxury rugs could be well-placed in a room that has a more formal feel to it, whereas bolder designs are suited to rooms that do not yet have any possible clashing patterns.

Whatever theme or colour you choose for your room you should be able to find a wide range of small or large rugs, coloured or patterned, and a variety of different fabrics to meet your needs.

Brighten Up Your Home With A Rug that really suits the room

The way you decorate your home always says a lot about your tastes and personality, so getting it right can be very important. There are many different types of rugs that can help you achieve the look you want in your home. Modern and retro rugs come in a wide range of shapes, colours and sizes to match any home décor. See the benefits of having carpet.

The Function of the Room, hard wearing or seldom used

It is important to consider the function of the room you will be decorating. Luxury rugs are especially appropriate for cosy living rooms to warm up by the fire, or perhaps you just want something soft to step on when you wake up in the morning. For rooms such as the dining room large rugs could help to fill empty spaces without being too overbearing, and small rugs can help take the place of plain mats in the bathroom.

If your rug is being used in a hallway or well-used area of the house then the material will be very important. After all, the rug will need to take a lot of wear and tear. Modern hall runner rugs are suited to this kind of environment.

Types of Rug available

Depending upon your individual needs there will be different rugs to suit your home. It might be that modern rugs would suit your décor, available in a range of colours, textures and patterns. Luxury rugs are particularly suitable for large areas, where you may decide upon modern or retro rugs according to your particular tastes.

Whichever room you choose to add rugs to you will find that they can really help to jazz up a boring floor or carpet. Choose large rugs for big, empty spaces to recreate that cosy feeling. Luxury soft rugs can also bring a gentle quality to any room, though durable and more modern rugs may be better suited to areas like the children’s room.

Whatever kind of rug you are looking for, choose one that suits the function of the room as well as the theme. Rugs can be a quick fix that help you to avoid complete redecorating but still leave your rooms feeling completely fresh and updated.