Carpet Tips: Make Your Carpet Last Longer

In this article we outline some tips to help you get more life out of your carpet. 1. Rearrange Your Furniture It is good to move your furniture from time to time to change the traffic pattern in your house. Your carpet is worn down faster where people walk. 2. Vacuum Regularly Dirt helps wear […]


Make Your Hardwood Floors Shine

You have just installed hardwood flooring in your home. Now what? How do you keep your hardwood floors clean and shiny? Read the following Q&A in which two hardwood floor owners are asking just that. Q: “I was reading your site and saw that one should not use oil based cleaners. Why? Our installer told […]


Working with wooden floors

Wood Floors If you have been keeping up with the latest trends in interior design you will know that one of the most popular and practical flooring is wood. Whether you wish to capture the rustic character of an older house or create a stylish new look for a modern apartment, wood flooring is a […]


Choosing the Right Modern Rug

When looking for modern rugs you should choose those that highlight a certain aspect of the room, that set the mood, or distinguish that room from any others. Rugs are great in almost any home, where their contemporary style is not too overbearing based on the current room design & style – and can help […]



One thing that is common to all homes is flooring. A house may have wood flooring, tiled flooring, carpeted flooring, or specialty Quickstep or Nuneaton carpets and flooring tiles flooring, or any other kind of flooring that is preferred. Flooring is one of the first things a visitor sees on entering a house, so it […]